• Mastered Flavors

    No compromise

  • Hormone-Balanced

    Beyond Calories

  • Gut Healthy

    Real nutrition


At CHANKO, we did a deep dive into the science of how flavor works, using secrets from food scientists and high-end restaurants to craft meals that are nourishing and flavorful. Gone are the days of compromise.

“you are the effin TRUTH. This is like gourmet rich people food…” - Ashley W.

The Chanko Difference

Quality you can taste


Did you know your stomach has the ability to “taste” your food?

Your gut senses the nutrients of everything you eat; that’s why eating empty calories leads you to crave more and overeat. We align with your body's needs by focusing on nutrient density.

Optimize Your Hormones, Optimize Your Life

Calories and macros only tell half the story. We understand that what you consume directly impacts your hormones, which in turn influence fat storage, muscle growth, and overall vitality. Say goodbye to unsustainable diets. Experience balanced meals that energize and nourish your body, keeping you satiated and healthy.

Reclaim your time

Time is something we will never get back. How much would it mean to you, to be able to get back 13 hours a week? That's the average an American spends shopping, preparing, cooking, and cleaning. Why not redirect that time towards what truly matters to you?

Make every meal matter

Your meals are more than just food – it holds a mirror to how you perceive yourself. Every choice you make reinforces your beliefs about yourself. With your next meal:

  • What message am I sending myself?
  • How do I value my health?
  • Does this meal align with my goals?

Choose CHANKO. Commit to quality, health, and self-respect.

Founder Letter

I started Chanko after years in pharmacy and working in Dallas restaurants. I noticed a disconnect: chefs didn’t eat like trainers, and trainers didn’t eat like chefs. Their diet food wasn't appealing, and the chefs weren’t healthy. So, I took matters into my own hands.

Listen to the #4 Debo Dojo podcast episode

Join the Movement

It’s time to elevate your meal game. To demand more from your food. To savor every bite and relish in the knowledge that you’re nourishing your body with the very best.

Welcome to Chanko. Welcome to the future of food.


Truly not what I was expecting. Like I knew you could cook.  But pics don’t do justice to the taste. - Nicole P.

I’m so unimpressed with these so called “nice” restaurants in Dallas haha. Your meals taste way better 💯 - Dr. Chris C.

So many textures, bomb flavor, and beautiful! Thanks for taking my order. I’m ready for next week!! - Paulette G.

I don’t know what voodoo you put in your food, but I was looking forward to meals every day. - Mike M.

I feel so great eating these. I can’t even begin to tell you. It’s crazy because i’ve picked up healthy meals before and I still always feel so full but in a bloated / not great way after. I don’t feel like this at all with these. They’re so filing to me. - Stephanie C.

We are almost done with our bowls; each one has been soooo good I didn’t want to tell you every time I ate a bowl 😅 - Jenny C.

You are definitely doing something right bc your food is bomb! Flavors are 💯, good portion sizes (not gonna lie, at first I thought I would still be hungry after eating a bowl but it actually keeps you full!), and on top of that healthy. It’s the winning combo right there. - Veronique

A lot of people ask me how your food is because I'm a chef. I told him it's the best healthy food out there - Chef Jimmy P.

Your food is too sophisticated to be sold in a container 🥲 - Chef Jinny C.

I'm honestly blown away. These dishes had some of the best flavors and textures. I need to try the rest of their menu ASAP - Susan N.