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Black Truffle Butter

Black Truffle Butter

Best Seller

Beef Shank

A lean cut from a well-exercised part of the animal, boasts high collagen content, resulting in a deep flavor and exceptional tenderness when cooked slowly.

Sautéed Kimchi in tallow

Cooking kimchi brings out its sweetness and umami, enhancing the overall flavor by making it richer and smoother.

Black Truffle Butter Aioli

The sauce that I said would make me my first million dollars, made with avocado oil, a source of good fats from plant-based oils. Combined with black garlic, it adds a unique flavor and an antioxidant boost, supporting cardiovascular health.

Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes

A key staple in the diet of Okinawa's famously long-lived population, are praised for their nutrient-rich profile and low glycemic index, contributing to heart health, cancer prevention, and stable blood sugar levels, factors associated with longevity

Braised Mushrooms

Featuring 'The Best Damn Mushrooms in Texas,' these mushrooms from Texas Fungus are a powerhouse for immune system support, packed with beta-glucans to boost overall health and resilience.

Best Seller
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  • Mastered Flavors

    No compromise

  • Hormone-Balanced

    Beyond Calories

  • Gut Healthy

    Real nutrition


Truly not what I was expecting. Like I knew you could cook.  But pics don’t do justice to the taste. - Nicole P.

I’m so unimpressed with these so called “nice” restaurants in Dallas haha. Your meals taste way better 💯 - Dr. Chris C.

So many textures, bomb flavor, and beautiful! Thanks for taking my order. I’m ready for next week!! - Paulette G.

I don’t know what voodoo you put in your food, but I was looking forward to meals every day. - Mike M.

I feel so great eating these. I can’t even begin to tell you. It’s crazy because i’ve picked up healthy meals before and I still always feel so full but in a bloated / not great way after. I don’t feel like this at all with these. They’re so filing to me. - Stephanie C.

We are almost done with our bowls; each one has been soooo good I didn’t want to tell you every time I ate a bowl 😅 - Jenny C.

You are definitely doing something right bc your food is bomb! Flavors are 💯, good portion sizes (not gonna lie, at first I thought I would still be hungry after eating a bowl but it actually keeps you full!), and on top of that healthy. It’s the winning combo right there. - Veronique

A lot of people ask me how your food is because I'm a chef. I told him it's the best healthy food out there - Chef Jimmy P.

Your food is too sophisticated to be sold in a container 🥲 - Chef Jinny C.

I'm honestly blown away. These dishes had some of the best flavors and textures. I need to try the rest of their menu ASAP - Susan N.