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Tom Kha Gai Broth

Tom Kha Gai Broth

Rich in Collagen and Pesticide-Free

  • High in Collagen: Supports immune, joint, and skin health.
  • Safe and Clean: Made from 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised bones, free from harmful pesticides like glyphosate.

Balanced Fat Content for Brain Health

  • Optimal Nutrition: Perfect blend of coconut milk and bone broth, providing 50% of calories from fat, which supports brain health.

Even Flavor, No Greasiness

  • Smooth and Delicious: Aromatic oils are broken down into tiny droplets, ensuring a consistent and subtle flavor in every spoonful.
  • No Greasy Texture: Enjoy a well-integrated flavor without losing any nutrition or taste.

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  • Mastered Flavors

    No compromise

  • Hormone-Balanced

    Beyond Calories

  • Gut Healthy

    Real nutrition


Truly not what I was expecting. Like I knew you could cook.  But pics don’t do justice to the taste. - Nicole P.

I’m so unimpressed with these so called “nice” restaurants in Dallas haha. Your meals taste way better 💯 - Dr. Chris C.

So many textures, bomb flavor, and beautiful! Thanks for taking my order. I’m ready for next week!! - Paulette G.

I don’t know what voodoo you put in your food, but I was looking forward to meals every day. - Mike M.

I feel so great eating these. I can’t even begin to tell you. It’s crazy because i’ve picked up healthy meals before and I still always feel so full but in a bloated / not great way after. I don’t feel like this at all with these. They’re so filing to me. - Stephanie C.

We are almost done with our bowls; each one has been soooo good I didn’t want to tell you every time I ate a bowl 😅 - Jenny C.

You are definitely doing something right bc your food is bomb! Flavors are 💯, good portion sizes (not gonna lie, at first I thought I would still be hungry after eating a bowl but it actually keeps you full!), and on top of that healthy. It’s the winning combo right there. - Veronique

A lot of people ask me how your food is because I'm a chef. I told him it's the best healthy food out there - Chef Jimmy P.

Your food is too sophisticated to be sold in a container 🥲 - Chef Jinny C.

I'm honestly blown away. These dishes had some of the best flavors and textures. I need to try the rest of their menu ASAP - Susan N.